Month: December 2016

Going Viral

vaporfi_logo-1-1Something happened at Vaporfi almost from the beginning. When other firms were standing still, they raced forward and claimed the top spot on top-ten lists. Their brand went viral in the vaping world soon after switching their name from Vapor Zone to Vaporfi. Is there something in the water or, indeed, the vapor at Vaporfi that makes them special? I suspect the key to their success will be easier to tease out.

Key to Success

It’s not rocket science. They have appealed to their customer’s creative natures and the little voice that says “I could do that better” by offering means of customizing starter kits and e-juice. Vaporfi’s appeal crosses boundaries of vaping experience and preferred materials. They won the race for all of these reasons then solidified their popularity with great customer service, excellent online videos, high-quality products, variety, and a mixture of brick-and-mortar plus online shopping opportunities.

What Does Vaporfi Sell?

Vaporfi only carries vaping equipment and e juice. This is a 100% vaping-related company, but some of their gear appeals to herbal vapers. The Atom and the Orbit are their two herbal vape pens, both highly successful and good value too.

E-cigs start at the bottom with an Express cigalike pen for a complete beginner right up to the VEX 150TC for an advanced vaper.

E juice is amazing at Vaporfi. Their flavor range is excellent already with items under headings for tobacco, menthol, dessert, and beverages. If that’s not enough, they also offer clients the option of creating their own flavor from up to 3 flavors at one time. After encouraging vapers to be creative for a few years, Vaporfi finally introduced high-VG e liquids for sub ohm vape mods. Customers suspected they would do this after their VOX was released. While Vaporfi is definitely not predictable, they are reliable.
With every mod and tank on their list, accessories are part of the reality vapers have come to expect. You need chargers and coils, but Vaporfi has them all. Maintain every Vaporfi system without having to go offsite and, moreover, a lot of their equipment is compatible with systems made by other brands. I even found some Vaporfi promo codes on the internet for your enjoyment.

Vaporfi E-Juice

Although it’s not mentioned above as a key feature of their vaporfi-e-juicesuccess, Vaporfi’s ability to deal with the FDA’s ruling and plow forward is probably partly due to forethought on the company’s part. Their e juice always complied with regulatory guidelines, even before these were set in place. They make e liquids in a US lab under the supervision of a chemist. The lab is ISO-certified, and ingredients are carefully chosen. The formula for their e liquids has been registered with the FDA too. Vaporfi never hid from the realities of regulation; in fact, they were proactive, which leaves the company with less damage control to figure out now than firms which didn’t bother to take these steps earlier.

Vaporfi Mods

The VOX was Vaporfi’s major mod for some time, but that is being vaporfi-voc-50-mod-reviewphased out and can be located in the clearance section if you want to snag a bargain. Now, the VEX line is their most powerful regulated, VW/TC mod. A VAIO is Vaporfi’s answer to the all-in-one devices listed by Joyetech and others. A tank is located inside the chassis so as to create a more compact and protected system. The tank isn’t subject to knocks and dings and can remain attached when you travel. Although emptying the tank is recommended to prevent leaking, leakage is unlikely with the high-tech construction and design of Vaporfi tanks.

Starter Kits

View kits categorized as beginner devices, sub ohm sets, and bundles which save you money. The Rocket 3 features a 2500mAh built-in battery and 3.5-ml detachable tank. This set, available in several colors, can be used with TC or VW coils which alter operations automatically. View e juice through a large window and alter airflow via one ring at the tank base.

Buy an e-cig or mod bundle or starter kit. These come with at least one charger, a battery or batteries, and e juice. Alternatively, build your own mid-level or advanced starter kit.

The Latest News

You might already know Vapor4Life out of Northbrook, Illinois. They make e-cigs and more advanced vaping equipment for people who smoke but are seeking an alternative that is both affordable and effective. At Vapor4Life, they say no one knows the needs of smokers better than they do. Their founder was a smoker who invested considerable sums of money developing his own vaping products. They took the US public by vapor-storm and continue to please a growing public of e-cig users.

Today at Vapor4Life

They started with the Titan, King, and Zeus, eventually logodeveloping award-winning products. Now there are mods and even herbal vaporizers at Vapor4Life. While the company is proud of its family-based, American roots, they are not afraid to spread their wings and appeal to a wider audience either. When the industry appears to be made up of a series of clones, Vapor4Life stands out with their unique products and down-to-earth approach, not to mention customer service grandma would be proud of.

Before You Start

Eventually, you will find the products here so appealing you will want to say “yes” and buy yourself some equipment. Before setting eyes on the online catalog, browse the internet for coupon codes, or click here. They can save a savvy cigarette smoker several dollars off of his first order. More codes are available right on the website including a deal for signing onto the e-newsletter list as a “thank you” from the gang at Vapor4Life.

New Vaping Equipment

E cigs supplied the start of a career in vape-retail, but the company has watched a trend emerge. Stores like V2 and Vaporfi cross the boundary between e-cigs and herbal vaping devices more and more often. Vapor4Life has decided to join them with herb, oil, and wax-compatible products from Pax Labs, Grenco Science, Yocan, and others. While the company does not make a version of these items, Vapor4Life selects the ones they think customers will like best. Top names complement the ecig line-up as Vapor4Life strives to become an all-purpose vaping provider, but one that treats customers like family.

Customer Service

Vapor4Life as a company is “close-knit,” which isn’t surprising since the firm began with family. In their eyes, the way to attract and to keep clients is to treat them like family too. At Vapor4Life, someone will be there to answer your questions, respond to concerns, and they expect everyone to leave or log-off with a smile. One of their services is a vaping guide. Learn with Vapor4Life, don’t feel abandoned because you’re new to the field. A lot of companies make you feel stupid for asking questions, but not these guys. Every vaper has to start at the beginning, just like Vapor4Life did in 2008.

Vapor Titan Starter Kit

The most basic cigalike at Vapor4Life is the Titan. Inside the tube, electronics regulate one’s vaping device, so it’s always operating at 4.3V. That’s unusual as most batteries slowly lose power, starting high and winding up low before going back onto the charger at night. Pre-filled cartomizers ensure there isn’t any work involved in preparing for the next vaping session. A Vapor Titan Starter Kit is backed by a 90-day warranty as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee. Choose your battery color, size, manual or automatic, and a flavor such as Strawberry, Peach, or one of several tobacco varieties and a nicotine value.

Vapor4Life E Juice

For a long time, WOW e liquid was enough to satisfy the crowd, but with mods on the list and a sophisticated audience, the company has extended their catalog to feature other brands and more high-VG e juices. Select Ultimo, Space Jam, Mad Hatter, or Cosmic Fog. Choose a brand or pick a type of flavor from several sub-headings if you simply don’t know where to start. The names of companies might not mean anything, but you have a general idea of what Mocha should taste like. Vapor4Life also sells CBD oil to go with the new portable vaporizers they carry like the Ebob by Cloupor.

On The Horizon

How does VistaVapors seek to satisfy your needs as a vaper? They continue to expand your choices of both hardware and e juice without raising prices. The company continues to find new ways to make vaping cheaper, and you can benefit. Become a customer today; it is not too late; the money-saving ideas never seem to run out of steam at VistaVapors.

A Big Idea

Consider this: a huge purchase of e-juice, big enough to start your own stall, offering one person the chance to make the biggest deal possible for every PG/VG ratio and nicotine rating; that’s just 12 people. What are these customers buying? They will order more than 900 bottles of e-juice for $250, all of them unique Mix Your Own flavors. To satisfy your concerns about the way e-juice is made at VistaVapors, check out their FAQ section which delves deeply into the question and also search their blog for more information. This is a newsy, informational section.

Ask Affiliates about Money

Marketers don’t save money on e-juice, but they make money marketing VistaVapors. You could call this a money-saving opportunity if vapers use the money to buy e-juice, batteries, tanks, coils, and chargers. They don’t have to do that, though. VistaVapors pays them real money, not points, and affiliates can do what they want with it. The VistaVapors affiliate program is run through Share-a-Sale, perhaps the most prominent affiliate portal available.

Low Starting Point

vista-vapors-logoVista Vapors already starts with a low price of $2.99 per 10 ml; 33 cents per milliliter. They carry more than a hundred flavors, plenty to get you started before you will even want to consider costlier e-liquids. VistaVapors carries some of those too, though, like Happy Tongue, Samurai, Untamed, Silver Spoon, and Black Iron. Customers might not recognize these names, but that’s because the labels above are small, gourmet lines.

I don’t see any really expensive labels on VistaVapors’s menu. They specialize in selling affordable items. A Mix Your Own product remains for the regular price. FDA rules have changed this product somewhat, but you can still select a primary flavor from 100, a secondary taste, and nicotine level. The price is only $6.99 for 17 ml of your very own, unique flavor.

Selected Coupon Codes

Browse the internet, and you will find them: codes for savings of 10%, 15%, and so on. Locate discounts like free shipping with no minimum purchase, like this website. Order particular goods and get them for a very low price. Usually, shipping is free with orders over $50, so you can potentially save money by making a large order instead of several small ones as long as you don’t stuff the order with things you do not need or want. Think this order through; obvious items include e-juice and coils.

More from VistaVapors

Besides e-juice, VistaVapors carries several items of hardware. They skip minicigs and go straight for eGos, but even these are limited to only the Vista Vapors “brand” which is just like other cheap eGos but re-branded. While that is a good place to start, the company supplies many alternatives, most of them supplied by secondary suppliers (SMOK, Innokin, Kanger, Aspire, and Joyetech are the top names). Vapers will discover items by Vaporesso, Amigo, and Itsuwa as well as a Joye eGrip II, the SMOK X Cube Mini 75W TC. Apply coupons when ordering the big items that make a discount and free shipping really worthwhile. The company promises low prices in this department as well and also supplies the necessary accessories such as coils and atomizers. Select tanks by Amigo, Leaf, Aspire, SMOK, and others.

Learn More

How do you find out more? Contact the company and ask them your questions directly. Visit websites where vape companies are reviewed to learn what previous clients have said. Read reviews on the VistaVapors website, and you will learn what other people just like you have to say about this down-to-earth e-juice company.

About Shop

captureMyFreedomSmokes provides smokers with an alternative: e-cigarettes. That’s what got them started; the desire to help you quit. Quitting is difficult, and the founder of this company knows this to be true. Smoking is what gets many people through stressful situations; it’s a kind of sedative even though nicotine is a stimulant. Some consumers drink coffee or tea to relax; smokers puff on nicotine and chemicals.

MyFreedomSmokes from NC

Charlotte is the home of MyFreedomSmokes which was founded in 2008 by Chris Yelton. He has been offering smokers and established vapers a chance to save money all along, knowing himself how important it is to find a dealer in reliable, affordable products in this field. Yelton used e-cigs to help him quit smoking too, but not until he had conducted thorough research into the product. The business puts customers at the center of everything; consumers are the key to success and their reason for existing. To that end, MyFreedomSmokes offers same-day shipping as long as orders are submitted on time. There is a return policy, so read the small print. Use the web to access many offers at MyFreedomSmokes too.

User-friendly Website for MyFreedomSmokes

This vaping website is easy to use and well organized into headings that classify items helpfully. Search for a brand if you know what to look for. Select the heading for new products to find the latest hardware and e juices. Explore starter kits and bundles. Bundles are created in-house while starter kits are supplied by the manufacturer. Look up mods and batteries, coils and heads, plus tanks and RBAS. That’s the hardware dealt with; e liquid is next with a separate section for nicotine and mixing supplies. Find the Hot Deals and Coupon Codes. Finally, MyFreedomSmokes has created a special club where members pay a yearly fee but save more than other consumers by taking advantage of special member-only offers.

Just a Few of their Brands

I will not list the entire selection of brand names here. Most of the top ones are represented plus some lesser-known ones. Sigelei, Eleaf, Joyetech, and Wismec are among top Chinese manufacturers. Every major vape store in America, online or otherwise, lists these four plus Kanger, Innokin, and others. MyFreedomSmokes features Limitless, Tesla, Dynasty, plus numerous e juice labels. Sample Cosmic Fog, Cultured, Vaping Rabbit, High Voltage, or SMAX. That’s only a smattering of what is available online from MyFreedomSmokes.

New Products

These are just some of the items that have been added to the list at MyFreedomSmokes; products soon to be replaced by even newer items in the near future. The IJoy Maxo Quad mod and Wismec Noisy Cricket offer two ideas this Christmas. With same-day shipping, it’s not too late to order for the holidays as long as items are in stock. Many of the offerings in this section supply accessories for electronics, but there are several tasty-sounding e juices. Don’t Peppermint Bark and Praline Custard by VSR sound yummy? MyFreedomSmokes also lists some new batteries by the most highly-rated, safest brands: LG, Sony, and Samsung.

Saving Money

Spend enough money at MyFreedomSmokes and qualify for free shipping. You will have to hit the $75 mark, but that’s easily done if you plan ahead. Make sure you save up e liquid and coils for a single order. Add your friends’ orders too. E juice takes time to reach its best-before date, so go ahead and buy enough for two or three months.

Check every so often for coupons posted on the page. Right now, they are all expired, but visit off-site coupon pages like http://www.myfreedomsmokescoupon.orgĀ and discover current ones. Previous coupon codes applied to e juices, DNA box mods, and replacement coils.

Features of the Site

Chris Yelton takes a personal approach to business by making his face highly visible. He is the star of numerous informational videos posted on his website. The site also features many articles providing information about products and how to use them. MyFreedomSmokes is a helpful resource for new vapers.