Going Viral

vaporfi_logo-1-1Something happened at Vaporfi almost from the beginning. When other firms were standing still, they raced forward and claimed the top spot on top-ten lists. Their brand went viral in the vaping world soon after switching their name from Vapor Zone to Vaporfi. Is there something in the water or, indeed, the vapor at Vaporfi that makes them special? I suspect the key to their success will be easier to tease out.

Key to Success

It’s not rocket science. They have appealed to their customer’s creative natures and the little voice that says “I could do that better” by offering means of customizing starter kits and e-juice. Vaporfi’s appeal crosses boundaries of vaping experience and preferred materials. They won the race for all of these reasons then solidified their popularity with great customer service, excellent online videos, high-quality products, variety, and a mixture of brick-and-mortar plus online shopping opportunities.

What Does Vaporfi Sell?

Vaporfi only carries vaping equipment and e juice. This is a 100% vaping-related company, but some of their gear appeals to herbal vapers. The Atom and the Orbit are their two herbal vape pens, both highly successful and good value too.

E-cigs start at the bottom with an Express cigalike pen for a complete beginner right up to the VEX 150TC for an advanced vaper.

E juice is amazing at Vaporfi. Their flavor range is excellent already with items under headings for tobacco, menthol, dessert, and beverages. If that’s not enough, they also offer clients the option of creating their own flavor from up to 3 flavors at one time. After encouraging vapers to be creative for a few years, Vaporfi finally introduced high-VG e liquids for sub ohm vape mods. Customers suspected they would do this after their VOX was released. While Vaporfi is definitely not predictable, they are reliable.
With every mod and tank on their list, accessories are part of the reality vapers have come to expect. You need chargers and coils, but Vaporfi has them all. Maintain every Vaporfi system without having to go offsite and, moreover, a lot of their equipment is compatible with systems made by other brands. I even found some Vaporfi promo codes on the internet for your enjoyment.

Vaporfi E-Juice

Although it’s not mentioned above as a key feature of their vaporfi-e-juicesuccess, Vaporfi’s ability to deal with the FDA’s ruling and plow forward is probably partly due to forethought on the company’s part. Their e juice always complied with regulatory guidelines, even before these were set in place. They make e liquids in a US lab under the supervision of a chemist. The lab is ISO-certified, and ingredients are carefully chosen. The formula for their e liquids has been registered with the FDA too. Vaporfi never hid from the realities of regulation; in fact, they were proactive, which leaves the company with less damage control to figure out now than firms which didn’t bother to take these steps earlier.

Vaporfi Mods

The VOX was Vaporfi’s major mod for some time, but that is being vaporfi-voc-50-mod-reviewphased out and can be located in the clearance section if you want to snag a bargain. Now, the VEX line is their most powerful regulated, VW/TC mod. A VAIO is Vaporfi’s answer to the all-in-one devices listed by Joyetech and others. A tank is located inside the chassis so as to create a more compact and protected system. The tank isn’t subject to knocks and dings and can remain attached when you travel. Although emptying the tank is recommended to prevent leaking, leakage is unlikely with the high-tech construction and design of Vaporfi tanks.

Starter Kits

View kits categorized as beginner devices, sub ohm sets, and bundles which save you money. The Rocket 3 features a 2500mAh built-in battery and 3.5-ml detachable tank. This set, available in several colors, can be used with TC or VW coils which alter operations automatically. View e juice through a large window and alter airflow via one ring at the tank base.

Buy an e-cig or mod bundle or starter kit. These come with at least one charger, a battery or batteries, and e juice. Alternatively, build your own mid-level or advanced starter kit.

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