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You might already know Vapor4Life out of Northbrook, Illinois. They make e-cigs and more advanced vaping equipment for people who smoke but are seeking an alternative that is both affordable and effective. At Vapor4Life, they say no one knows the needs of smokers better than they do. Their founder was a smoker who invested considerable sums of money developing his own vaping products. They took the US public by vapor-storm and continue to please a growing public of e-cig users.

Today at Vapor4Life

They started with the Titan, King, and Zeus, eventually logodeveloping award-winning products. Now there are mods and even herbal vaporizers at Vapor4Life. While the company is proud of its family-based, American roots, they are not afraid to spread their wings and appeal to a wider audience either. When the industry appears to be made up of a series of clones, Vapor4Life stands out with their unique products and down-to-earth approach, not to mention customer service grandma would be proud of.

Before You Start

Eventually, you will find the products here so appealing you will want to say “yes” and buy yourself some equipment. Before setting eyes on the online catalog, browse the internet for coupon codes, or click here. They can save a savvy cigarette smoker several dollars off of his first order. More codes are available right on the website including a deal for signing onto the e-newsletter list as a “thank you” from the gang at Vapor4Life.

New Vaping Equipment

E cigs supplied the start of a career in vape-retail, but the company has watched a trend emerge. Stores like V2 and Vaporfi cross the boundary between e-cigs and herbal vaping devices more and more often. Vapor4Life has decided to join them with herb, oil, and wax-compatible products from Pax Labs, Grenco Science, Yocan, and others. While the company does not make a version of these items, Vapor4Life selects the ones they think customers will like best. Top names complement the ecig line-up as Vapor4Life strives to become an all-purpose vaping provider, but one that treats customers like family.

Customer Service

Vapor4Life as a company is “close-knit,” which isn’t surprising since the firm began with family. In their eyes, the way to attract and to keep clients is to treat them like family too. At Vapor4Life, someone will be there to answer your questions, respond to concerns, and they expect everyone to leave or log-off with a smile. One of their services is a vaping guide. Learn with Vapor4Life, don’t feel abandoned because you’re new to the field. A lot of companies make you feel stupid for asking questions, but not these guys. Every vaper has to start at the beginning, just like Vapor4Life did in 2008.

Vapor Titan Starter Kit

The most basic cigalike at Vapor4Life is the Titan. Inside the tube, electronics regulate one’s vaping device, so it’s always operating at 4.3V. That’s unusual as most batteries slowly lose power, starting high and winding up low before going back onto the charger at night. Pre-filled cartomizers ensure there isn’t any work involved in preparing for the next vaping session. A Vapor Titan Starter Kit is backed by a 90-day warranty as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee. Choose your battery color, size, manual or automatic, and a flavor such as Strawberry, Peach, or one of several tobacco varieties and a nicotine value.

Vapor4Life E Juice

For a long time, WOW e liquid was enough to satisfy the crowd, but with mods on the list and a sophisticated audience, the company has extended their catalog to feature other brands and more high-VG e juices. Select Ultimo, Space Jam, Mad Hatter, or Cosmic Fog. Choose a brand or pick a type of flavor from several sub-headings if you simply don’t know where to start. The names of companies might not mean anything, but you have a general idea of what Mocha should taste like. Vapor4Life also sells CBD oil to go with the new portable vaporizers they carry like the Ebob by Cloupor.

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